Olivia Faison's stand on the issues

A Green New Deal in Philadelphia now - I'm prepared to fight harder to enact a Green New Deal in Philadelphia than anyone running for City Council.

Climate change is real. Pollution from dirty energy, water contamination, and lead are hurting our kids. They are hurting our city, and putting all of our lives and livelihoods at risk. The poorest among us are hurt the most when climate change and unchecked industrial contamination sinks its teeth in.

A Green New Deal is the right idea, but we can't wait 10 years or more to enact it. Philadelphia is more progressive than our country or our state. We don't have to wait to convince the naysayers or the rest of the country. We can act now. I will push to take immediate action on climate change and industrial pollution, allowing Philadelphia to lead the green revolution.

Green public works and clean energy jobs - Repair our city’s failing infrastructure with jobs that plant trees, gardens and orchards, instead of jobs that release toxic gas fumes.

Free quality education for all Philadelphians - Provide free preschool, K-12, Community College, and State University education. We must invest in our future - our children.

Good neighbor payments - Require regular financial contributions from large corporations, and mega nonprofit entities, including the Archdiocese and Universities that pay no taxes.

End stop and frisk - Demand transparency, community oversight, and accountability of police activities.

Support for core Green Party values of social justice, nonviolence, grassroots democracy, and ecological wisdom.